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Stinging Insects

Common stinging insects found in Wisconsin are hornets, wasps and bees. Wasps and hornets usually have smooth bodies and bees are fuzzy or have a hairy appearance. The honey bee is the only stinging insect that loses its stinger after the first sting. All of the other bees, wasps and hornets are capable of stinging multiple times due to their smooth barb. Most stinging insects are considered to be beneficial, pollinating insects, especially the honey bee. If left untreated a yellow jacket nest can contain up to 15,000 wasps in a single nest. 

Yellow Jacket

Can stinging insects harm me?

Most stinging insects are capable of delivering a painful sting. In some cases, people that have been stung by a hornet, wasp or bee go into anaphylactic shock and need immediate medical attention. According to the CDC, thousands of people are stung by insects each year, and as many as 90–100 people in the United States die as a result of allergic reactions. This number may be underreported as deaths may be mistakenly diagnosed as heart attacks, sunstrokes or other causes.

Do stinging insects cause damage?

Some stinging insects can create structural issues over time. Once stinging insects get established, they can cause structural issues such as blocking air intakes and venting systems. When dealing with honey bees, we recommend that you do not kill them or spray them with insecticide. Sometimes there are local bee keepers that will help relocate the colony. Once the colony has be relocated, the interior nest needs to be removed. If honey bee nests are not removed, there is a good chance that other insects and possible structural damage may occur due to the honey rotting or leaking out from the hive.

What can I do?

There is not much that a home or business owner can do because of stinging insects opportunistic behavior. The best thing you can do is once you see stinging insects nesting in and around your property is to call a professional. This is one pest you do not want to tackle on your own!

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

Once we properly identify the stinging insect species, we will assess the situation and recommend a method of control. We can also make exterior applications to the structure that will help in preventing stinging insects for establishing, especially for paper wasps.

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