Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Terminator Pest Control is the bed bug elimination and prevention expert. Through 20 years of experience using a variety of extermination products and techniques, we’ve found a combination of strategic insecticide applications and thermal remediation to be the most efficient and effective way to get rid of bed bugs once and for all.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment process allows you, your residents, or your customers to leave almost everything inside the home or room, including clothing, bedding, furniture, TVs, and computers. In most instances, we recommend everything stay in place and not be moved out of the dwelling because bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adults can be hiding on or inside just about any household item.

What is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Terminator Pest Control’s Bed Bug Heat Treatments raise the temperature of the infested area to 120°F for five hours, destroying bed bugs at every life stage, including eggs. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists remain in the treatment site the entire time, using fans to circulate the air and strategically moving and placing household items around the space to ensure complete heat penetration. In addition, specialists continuously monitor the temperature throughout the infested space using an infrared thermal imager to pinpoint any cold spots. This careful monitoring allows us to strive for 100% elimination of bed bugs with just one treatment.

After we’ve concluded the heat treatment process, we will do our best to put the home or room back to the state in which it was found. Upon qualification, you may be eligible for our 90-day warranty, which is based on the amount of clutter, the level of infestation, and the building’s history and design.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Benefits of Terminator’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

• Fast and effective 1-day treatment kills bed bugs at all life stages (including eggs)
• Minimal preparation required (in most cases, all personal items should be left inside the home/room)
• Minimal insecticide applied (to strategic bed bug hiding spots throughout the home/room)
• Mattresses and box springs do not need to be discarded (in most cases)
• We offer up to 90-day warranty protection (for qualified clients)

What Customers Are Saying About Terminator Pest Control:

“Terminator responded quickly to my call and explained in detail how they would solve the problem. Sent a very professional/friendly representative to complete the job. The owner assured me if the problem was not resolved in one visit that he would return at no cost. Very thorough and honest! Home was RID of FLEAS in one visit! Very happy customer! :)”


“The provider was very friendly and they were there at the time specified.  I was very pleased with their service and would definitely use them again.”


“Mark answered all questions and concerns, he was awesome! The office also called to see how things we going. They are very professional and would recommend them to anyone.”


“Kyle was on time, did an excellent job and we have used them since 2003. We moved 1 hour away from him and he drove up to take care of us and will come back to keep up the outside.”


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