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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are typically a human blood feeding parasite. They are light to mahogany brown and about 3/16” long. These bugs are flat unless they have recently fed. Bed bugs can move from room to room but mostly are found around the food source…you. Females will continue to lay eggs as long as she has access to a blood meal. An infestation from a single pregnant female can reach 5,000 bed bugs within a six month period.

Bed Bugs

Can bed bugs harm me?

Bed bugs do not sting but do have the capability of piercing the skin and extracting blood. Even though bed bugs feed on human blood, there are no known cases of bloodborne diseases from bedbugs. However, there are cases of secondary infections from people itching and scratching from insect bites. Some people exhibit symptoms such as rashes and allergic reactions from the insect bite.

Do bed bugs cause damage?

Bed bugs have not been known to cause structural damage but high concentrations may render furniture, beds and bed-frames contaminated and unusable.

What can I do?

Bed bugs are known to be great hitchhikers. They will enter your home or business by latching on to a piece of furniture, clothing, luggage or other personal belongings. Refrain from bringing home secondhand or used furniture since they have been linked to some cases bed bug introduction. When traveling, make sure you perform a thorough inspection of your hotel room such as box springs edge guards, wooden frames, mattresses, headboards, pictures and other furniture. Make sure you check your clothing and personal items before bringing them back into your home of business. Awareness and education is the key to knowing what to look for and will help reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs home. If you think you have bed bugs, send Terminator Pest Control a picture or send us an insect sample for proper identification. This is one pest you do not want to tackle on your own!

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

The best prevention from bed bugs is to have your home or business treated by Terminator Pest Control. We can offer several types of bed bug services: Thermal Remediation, Steam Treatments and traditional Chemical Treatments. We will properly identify the bed bug and then develop a strategic application and treatment program specifically designed to control bed bugs. We will also make recommendations on what you can do to prevent further infestations.

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Bed Bugs

Terminator Pest Control’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the most efficient and effective way to get rid of bed bugs once and for all – often in just one treatment.

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