Occasional Invaders


Some of Wisconsin occasional invaders are centipedes, millipedes, sow/pill bugs and springtails. The house centipede is a common occasional invader about 1” long and has 15 pairs of legs. The house centipede feeds on other insects such as spiders, bedbugs, ants, pill bugs and other invertebrates. The house centipede is capable of delivering a painful sting but rarely occurs with people.

Can Occasional Invaders harm me?

Some occasional invaders can deliver a painful sting such as the house centipede. Most occasional invaders in Wisconsin are considered to be a nuisance pest.

Do Occasional Invaders cause damage?

Occasional Invaders have not been known to cause structural damage.

What can I do?

Removing organic debris buildup around the outside of your home or building will help reduce populations of occasional invaders. Address and control any moisture issues, focusing on downspouts that should be pointed away from your home or building. Reduce moisture inside of the structure by running dehumidifiers in damp and moist areas. Sealing gaps in the foundation, fixing door seals or pipe entries will help, but these critters still seem to find their way in. As a home owner, you can vacuum the pests up and remove them as they appear.

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

The best prevention for these bugs is to have your home treated by Terminator Pest Control in the summer months. Our treatments will create a barrier on the structure and reduce crawling pests from entering your home or business. We will also make recommendations on what you can do to prevent further infestations.

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