The house mouse (Mus musculus) is the most common indoor mouse found in Wisconsin. Other small rodents that can be found are the deer mouse, white footed mouse and meadow vole (field mouse). Mice can range from 6-9” in length. Mice can range in color from grey to light brown and brown with white underbellies. Mice can enter structures with gaps and openings of ¼” in diameter or less. Diseases such as hantavirus can be spread by the deer mouse and white-footed mouse. A female mouse is capable of producing up to eight litters per year averaging six pups per litter.

Can mice harm me?

Mice can bite and have been known to carry many diseases. In particular, the deer mouse and white-footed mouse can carry the respiratory hantavirus. Mice also have been linked to human and food borne diseases like Tularemia, Leptospirosis and Salmonella.

Do mice cause damage?

Mice can gnaw and chew through a variety of structures. Mice have been known to chew wires that have been linked to fires in homes and businesses. Mice can also cause structural damage by the contamination of their feces and urine. Depending on the size of the colony, mice can damage and consume large amounts of food and feed.

What can I do?

Sealing gaps in the foundation, fixing door seals or pipe entries will help prevent this pest from entering. Managing sanitation and reducing food sources will also help lessen the attractiveness of this pest to your home or business. If you are removing droppings and waste from mice, be sure to take extra precaution because of the diseases associated with rodents. Due to the complexity of mice, it is best left up to the professional especially if this critter is living in your home or structure.

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

The best way to control and eliminate mice is to call Terminator Pest Control. We will inspect your home or building for points of entry and identify contributing sanitation concerns. We can also provide rodent proofing, sanitation and removal of rodent feces. We will work together in developing an effective mouse management and control program.

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