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Boxelder Bugs

The boxelder bug (Boisea trivittatus) is a true bug. This bug can be identified as a 1/2” long black bug, with red “X” marking on the wing covers. It also has 3 red lines on the pronotum (the part of the insect right behind the head). This insect cannot bite but will fly and crawl around and become a nuisance. Population numbers of boxelder bugs are associated with amounts of rain fall throughout the summer months. This bug is considered to be an overwintering pest.

Boxelder Bugs

Can boxelder bugs harm me?

Boxelder bugs do not sting and have not been known to cause any human disease. They are considered to be an overwintering nuisance pest.

Do boxelder bugs cause damage?

If a home or business experiences a large number of these bugs, staining and odor may occur. There are some cases where their excrement has stained furnishings and fabric.

What can I do?

Boxelder bugs are an overwintering pest. In the Fall, sealing gaps in the foundation, fixing door seals or pipe entries will help, but these critters still seem to find their way in. As a home owner, you can vacuum the pests up and remove them as they appear. You can also remove any maple, ash and boxelder trees that may be contributing to boxelder bugs. You can help reduce boxelder bug feeding by removing seeds that have fallen to the ground from maple, ash and boxelder trees. If you are seeing them in the winter, they are in your home or building and you will probably see them throughout the winter months.

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

The best prevention from these bugs is to have your home treated by Terminator Pest Control in the Fall (preferably September). When populations are high, you may need to have a summer treatment program implemented. Treatments create a barrier on the structure and greatly reduce insects from entering your home or business. We will also make recommendations on what you can do to prevent further infestations.

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