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The most common spiders found in homes and businesses are the yellow sac spider, cellar spider and house spider. Spider sizes range from 1/8” to 11/32” long. These spiders are not aggressive and usually only bite when provoked. In this region, the yellow sac spider can be a concern due to its capability of piercing the skin and delivering a very painful bite. Each house spider egg sac can contain up to 400 eggs, with a single female producing an average of 10 egg sacs per year.

Can spiders harm me?

Not all spiders are capable of piercing the human skin. The brown recluse has been known to cause necrosis and the black widow can deliver neurotoxin that can cause severe, painful reactions. Fortunately, neither one of these spiders are commonly found in Wisconsin. Some spiders in this region can bite but most of their venom does not causes necrosis. Most spider bites are often misdiagnosed and rarely occur. Spiders are considered to be an unsightly nuisance pest and generally not tolerated by people.

Do spiders cause damage?

Spiders do not cause any structural damage. However, they can create an unpleasant environment with their unsightly webbing.

What can I do?

Spiders are common in the environment and large numbers are usually associated with high moisture and water sources. Sealing gaps in the foundation, fixing door seals or pipe entries will help, but these critters seem to find their way in. Reducing lush landscaping and making sure that foliage is trimmed away from your home or business will help reduce harborage for spiders. Reducing lighting on a structure or building is also a good way to reduce the attractiveness to spiders. As a home owner, you can vacuum spiders up and remove the webs as they appear. Most of the time physical removal is time consuming and hard to keep up with especially around lakes and water sources.

Why contact Terminator Pest Control?

The best prevention and control for spiders is to have your home treated by Terminator Pest Control. In some cases, monthly treatments are needed due to heavy pest pressures. Our treatments will create a barrier on the structure reducing spiders on and in your home. We will also make recommendations on what you can do to prevent further infestations.

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