Our Heat Treatment process allows you or your residents to leave almost everything in the home such as- clothing, bedding, furniture, TV, and computers. Most of the time, we recommend everything stay in place and not be moved because Bed Bug eggs, nymphs and adults can be in or on any item.

  • Minimal insecticide applied to strategic Bed Bug hiding spots in the home
  • Fast, 1 day treatment killing all life stages
  • Minimal preparation required
  • Most of the time you do not need to discard mattress and box spring
  • If qualified, we offer up to a 90 Day warranty protection from reintroduction

What We Do

Terminator Pest Control’s Heat Treatments will raise the temperature of the space while our Heat Treatment Specialists continually track temperatures throughout the treatment site. We’ve enhanced our Heat Treatments with continuous temperature monitoring and Thermal Imagery to pinpoint cold spots, allowing us to strive for 100% elimination. We use a combination of strategic insecticide applications and heat to kill all Bed Bug life stages including eggs.

Heat Treatment Process:

  1. In most cases we recommend that all items stay in the treatment site unless they are listed for removal on the Client Prep Sheet that is given out prior to treatment.
  2. The entire treatment area is heated to a minimum of 120° F. Monitors are placed in strategic areas to ensure all cold spots are monitored throughout the Heat Treatment process. Once we reach optimal temperature, we will usually continue to heat the area for a minimum time of 5 hours in addition to using high speed fans to circulate the air. We verify all treatment sites with an Infrared Thermal Imager.
  3. When possible, we will vacuum up all live Bed Bugs and old cast skins, to aid in resolution of Bed Bug infestations.
  4. For most of our Heat Treatments we will focus our insecticide applications to targeted areas enhancing elimination of Bed Bugs.
  5. Items in the home or room will be moved and strategically placed throughout the treatment site to ensure complete heat penetration.
  6. After the Heat Treatment process, we will do our best to put your home or room back to the original state it was found.
  7. Upon qualification, you may be eligible for our 90 Day warranty. Warranty is based on amount of clutter, level of infestation and building history and design.