This is the time of the year when yellow jackets and hornets get real aggressive. Baldfaced hornets are one of the larger, more aggressive hornets that we deal with in Wisconsin. The baldfaced hornet is not a true hornet and is actually is a yellow jacket in the genius Dolichovespula. Nests can get very large outside and inside of a home and can have up to 400 workers. We have found that if you get close to the nest, they will have guard yellow jackets that will aggressively go after you and deliver a painful sting. In late summer and fall, normal food supplies are reduced due to the growing season of plants and flowers. Yellow jackets are big scavengers and will find an alternative source of food, which leads to major conflicts with human outdoor activities. They are highly attracted to ripening fruits, sodas, beer, wine, candy and other high sugar sources. These yellow jackets are considered to be a beneficial insect and should not be destroyed unless people are getting stung or the nest is causing structural issues. If you need to destroy these critters, it is best to leave the treatment up to a professional.


Jim Gilbert-Associate Certified Entomologist

Quality Manager

Terminator Pest Control

Randolph, Wisconsin