As the temperatures are dropping outside we have been getting a lot of calls for rodent control. Mice are by far the majority of our rodent calls. Mice are warm blooded animals and are now seeking shelter inside of homes and businesses from the harsh elements. They will enter structures through very small openings. Did you know that mice can enter structures with gaps and openings of ¼” in diameter or less!
This is why it is important to have your home or place of business professionally inspected for proper rodent exclusion. Here are some key exterior sites that mice are likely to enter:
• Open windows and doors
• Gaps around plumbing pipes, hoses, wires and conduit entries
• Garage thresholds and door seals
• Exhaust vents
• Broken or loose and uncapped siding
• Cracks in foundation
• Under sun and patio decks
• Crawlspaces
• Broken or loose window frames
• Damaged chimneys
• Loose soffit and fascia
• Damaged roofs
• Expansion joints
At Terminator Pest Control, we provide rodent exclusion services and trapping programs that fit your needs. We are capable of sealing small openings and provide minor structural repair and exclusion to prevent rodents from entering.

For more information or a detailed inspection completed by one of our friendly professionals, please contact Terminator Pest Control!

Jim Gilbert-Associate Certified Entomologist

Quality Manager

Terminator Pest Control

Randolph, Wisconsin



Facts: The house mouse (Mus musculus) is the most common indoor mouse found in Wisconsin. Other small rodents that can be found are the deer mouse, white footed mouse and meadow vole (field mouse). Mice can range from 6-9” in length. Mice can range in color from grey, light brown and brown with white underbellies. Diseases such as hantavirus can be carried by the deer mouse and white-footed mouse. A female mouse is capable of producing up to eight litters per year averaging six pups per litter.